Graphics for a young tango orchestra

T-shirt design. 2013

XXI album design with Pontenpie. Mirrored orchestra initials (OTAG) can be red as spanish for cat

Print over polyethylene surface for a completely reflective packaging. Designed in collaboration with Pontenpie.

Album tour gigs illustrated posters. These cat illustrations ended up as customized crockery also.

4th. Independent Tango Festival poster.

Illustrated poster for Orchestra's participation in Jazz concert series at María Bonita, Adrogué.

Videoclip for Fragmentos in XXI album. Produced with Josefina Muzio and Pontenpie.

Long story: XXI release was postponed over it's formal presentation at the local theatre due to external problems. So we've prepared a dvd with the dedicated videoclip for the Fragmentos piece plus exclusive content as b plan to give the concert goers for free. Produced with Josefina Muzio and Pontenpie. Printed by Ignacio Jankowski and Lis Altamirano (Futuro).

Buenos Aires Tango Festival poster.

Mexican Tour poster.

Tango's of the XXI century concert at the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro.