Selected non-fiction book cover design

70º aniverssary edition
Lumen, 2018 (155 x 230 mm)

A manual for argentine economy
Sudamericana, 2017 (200 x 230 mm

Re-edition of painter Xul Solar biography
Sudamericana, 2016 (155 x 230 mm)

Essay on music and it's effect
Debate, 2017 (155 x 230 mm)

Complete argentine world-cup oral history
Sudamericana, 2018 (155 x 230 mm)

Based on the Autotrol, the stadium's iconic sign

Sudamericana, 2017 (155 x 230 mm)

Repercussions of the clutch cover on social media

Essay on fallacies and naturalization of the lie
Sudamericana, 2017 (155 x 230 mm

Argentine rock history
Sudamericana, 2015 (200 x 230 mm)

The spanish edition of this renowed essay uses the original illustrations by Alain Bouldayre all over the jacket.
Debate, 2017 (155 x 230 mm)

History of famous rock bands fired members.
Ediciones B, 2018 (155 x 230 mm)

Conversations with argentine rock legend Spinetta.
Aguilar, 2018. Reedition (155 x 230 mm)

Legendary argentine drummer's memory on his long career with biggest rock-stars
Sudamericana, 2015 (155 x 230 mm)

Biography of Sandro de América, popular singer icon
Aguilar, 2018 (155 x 230 mm + UV details)

Osvaldo Bayer's biography. Anarchist historian who was forced on exile during military dictatorship years.
Sudamericana, 2018 (155 x 230 mm)

Private life of the Economy Nobel Prize winners
Sudamericana, 2017 (155 x 230 mm)

Asked Clarita (4) to finishing my typographic design for A world without adults
Debate, 2016 (155 x 230 mm)

The cover of this catalogue of fairly recommended records uses soft-touch lamination and UV sectorization for emulating the vinyl effect on touch
Grijalbo, 2017 (200 x 230 mm + UV + Soft-touch)

Authors of the book Design and creativity asked me to think of an intervention for it. This jacket was my submission and you can visit the complete collection here
Diseño y creatividad, 2017 (280 x 210 mm)

Eduardo P. Braun's People first leadership spanish edition
Conecta, 2016 (155 x 230 mm)

An essay about movies inspired by books. *The publisher decided to modify it on the printed version
UAI editorial, 2017 (135 x 180 mm)

James Agee's spanish edition of Writings on cinema. *Unpublished
Monte Hermoso, 2017 (140 x 210 mm)

Taurus, 2016 (155 x 230 mm)

Pocket edition for Living in the markets
DeBolsillo, 2016 (135 x 180 mm)

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