Logos for artists, producers, events and other music-related projects

Image for the 50 th. anniversary of the first argentine rock song: La balsa (the raftt) by Litto Nebbia & Los Gatos. Animation by Ale Pippa

Sobrenadar, electronic duo.

Wannabe, a clubbing party. Photo by La Mary

Electrochongo, pop singer and bodybuilder.

Ladran, singer concert series. With Pontenpie.

Quinto. Studio recording and music production.

Cusde. Music publisher.

Aguerrear, tango producer.

Leo García, pop singer who shaves his eyebrow. Based on the original design of Alejandro Ros

Music publisher. Could be translated as Free but good records.

Leftclub, clubbing series.

Cardumen. Independent musicians guild.

Musiquita en la cocina, youtube channel of live performances at the kitchen.

Ana Torrent. Music producer.

The Raul, power trio.

Music events producer.

La Tangente. Concerts club. With Santi Pozzi

Reunion of Avantpress, a cult band from the 90’s . Concert’s video –in which I also played stage visuals– available in this link

Tango orchestra. Other graphics for them here.

Compacta Discos, music publisher

Fito Paez concerts in Buenos Aires. See the posters.

Ninfómanos. Pop-rock band.

Xyclo, concert series of artists with long career trajectories. Amimation by Ale Pippa

Pablo Estigarribia. Pianist, arrenger and composer.

Calor Frío. Radio Show.

Lalala. Music school.