Image for the biggest cultural centre in South America

In collaboration with Paula López and Fabián Muggeri

Singer Elena Roger and the National Symphonic orchestra during the National Anthem Concert Gala on the 25th. Independence Revolution anniversary. Photo: Pose Varela

Some graphic elements aspect specifications. We've retrieved a detailed application manual for every ministery department to use of the CCK logo and image.

During two years our team, Fabián Muggeri and Paula López, designed from the smallest piece of stationery to the largest exhibition catalogues including, postcards, guiding maps, monthly dossier with updated scheduled, motion graphic for concert’s television broadcasting services, press kits, merchandising and several festivals, activities and events semi-independent images.

Institutional postcards. It’s lower cost allowed us to produce a pile of them every time an upcoming exhibition, special event or historical portion of the building was released to public.

Centro Cultural Kirchner had different levels, from -2 to 8, working simultaneously with different activities, from live music or drama performance to reading workshops and academic lectures. These unfolding A5 format maps allowed visitors to quickly locate specific activities through the different levels reducing transit.

Argentine great actress Cristina Banegas plays Eva Perón.

Several publications included activities programmes, monthly brochures, institutional dossiers and press releases.

Activities and exhibitions were divided into six different areas: Visual Arts, Education, Performing Arts, Music, Literature and Heritage.

Exhibitions included from painting to postal art.

We've designed a regular issuu on the complete monthly activities schedule for each area. Upcoming events were reviewed by qualified specialist on each discipline.

A strong emphasis was held on treating artists and latinamerican historical heritage.

The outstanding “Blue Whale” concert hall held biggest concerts from both international classical and popular music. Several examples below: classical pianist Martha Argerich, popular composer Fito Páez and the Russian Ópera Gala Stars.

Every published edition was also produced in braille system.

Estela de Carloto, one of the Grandmother's of Plaza de Mayo at the concert hall.

Press notepad

These examples are Piano/Piano and Ensambles, music festivals catalogues


I like thinking this picture of a little kid using a t-shirt of the hyper famous Lionel Messi saluting a musician is a good way to synth the design intention of reuniting both argentine qualities of cultural popularity and sofistication together.

We also organized a congress on the different aspects of Design in culture and it's industry with top and admired specialists.