Several projects of music and concerts promotion

Muhammad Ali 1942-2016 (2016)

Missing students from Ayotzinapa (2000)

Memory. Hommage to grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo (2000)

Cuban poster (2000). You can read the monography (in spanish) in this link.

Pope apoligies for children abuse by priests.

Fidel Castro (1900-2000)

Argentine approves ssisted fertilization (2000)

Coup d’etat in Egypt (2013)

Money washing in Argentina (2018)


International day for slavory abolition (2016)

Justice for Ángeles Rawson (16) femicide (2000)

Alliance Graphique International in Sao Paulo (2000). Invited by Alejandro Paul.

Ten anniversary for Cromañon fire victims (2014)

Adrian Frutiger, type designer (1928-2015)

Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)

Sueldo. In spanish it can be red as Salary and also as Floor (2016)

Ni una menos march (2016)

David Bowie (1947-2016)

Charly García’s 66th. birthday (2017)

Where is Santiago Maldonado? (2017)

Against SOPA law (2012)

Debt/dead (2016)

Julio López is missing (2016)

Palastima. With Roberto Jacoby (2017)

20 years of Amia’s terrorist attemp. (2014)

Diego Maradona’s 55th. birthday (2015)

Hubo Chavez. Can be red as “There was Chavez” in spanish (2013)

Hugh Hefner passing away (2017)


Cabeza en llama can be red as heads on fires in spanish. We made this poster in the streets of La Paz during our visit to BICeBé (2015)

Disarm. United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (2016)

Ad for a garage sale in Buenos Aires. It’s an hommage to Fontana’s poster at the Di Tella Institute in the sixties.