Artist monograph book

Guillermo Kuitca Collected Drawings 1971-2017. Edited by JRP|Ringier & KBB (Kultur Büro Barcelona). In collaboration with María Cecilia Cabrera (2018). Photos: Gian Paolo Minelli.

Animations by Ale Pippa.

This 255 x 300 mm hardcover monograph embossed hard cover edition —spanning more than 650 works produced by the artist during the course of 40 years— shows both unknown material and lots of traces of his most inconic and famous works. This (almost) textless volume intends to guide the viewer across Kuitca’s multiple practice transformations during his career while finding different clues of his future well-known themes and recurrences.

Three large size folding spreads exhibit 1:1 series reproduction.

Printed on Garda Pat 135 gr. paper in Talleres Índice at Barcelona. Each book’s spine has been handcrafted black-coloured. Image retouch and color reproduction by Guillermo Frontalini.