"E'nato" is a brief animation celebrating Federico Fellini's centenary. But, in fact, it's nothing else but the result of a series of accepted invitations. Like the one that Gaia Marchiori did to play the voice of the tanning ladies. Or the one that the winning duo Ivan Zimerman and Ale Pippa did to turn a pile of drawings into an actual visual illusion. Even Nino Rota himself accepted coming back to life for a while in Diego Olivero's music. But first and foremost it was the general consultat Fito Paez who pointed out, that Fellini's both dramatic and hilarious sense of life coexist in La Dolce Vita's opening scene during one of our late night quarantine talks. It's usually all about accepting an invitation. Like the one that we got from Cedomir and Iwona Kostovic to participate in the Fellini 1920-2020 project. Then we made this animated hommage. . Visit the project's website: www.postersforfellini.com